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Who would have thought that enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) would be used in football?


The German national side was probably the first high-profile team to do such things. In 2014, they teamed-up with information systems giant ‘SAP’ to develop “SAP Match Insights”, which collected and analysed player-related data from training sessions.


Did this additional data provide the German national side with the ‘edge’ over competing teams to then go on and win the World Cup that year?


Manchester City are another high-profile team to recently join forces with SAP, working together to make improvements in gathering and using information for such things as talent management, improving the fans’ experience and match-day performance, in a so-called “SAP Sports One Solution”.


How things have changed in the world of football!


What do you think? To what extent, in particular, do you think statistics and data can assist a football team to improve their results and performances in competitive matches?


Or do you think systems-designers and the administrators and rich owners of football teams should leave the beautiful game alone to more ‘natural’ tendencies?