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balanceMany consultancy firms have recently been applying their expertise and knowledge to implementing balanced scorecard “solutions” to different parts of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Although the basic premise of Kaplan and Norton’s balanced scorecard is usually quite easily recognised in every solution, each consultancy firm usually brings their own bespoke slant to their particular solution.

The “Board Assurance System” on offer from the Bellis-Jones Hill Group promises to detach tomorrow’s organizations from relying on time-consuming and expensive balanced scorecards that are bedded in spreadsheet technology. Their alternative balanced scorecard solution has the following “selling” features:

  • Accountability – where managers own and feel responsible for performance measures
  • Transparency – where performance management information is always available to managers and clinicians
  • Engagement – where there is ability to view managers’ actual performance against plan
  • Initiatives – where it is possible to view managers’ actions for remedying poor performance
  • Performance management – where senior management can spot any (potential) slippage in performance against plan, offer help and proactive involvement
  • Prioritisation – highlighting vital few measures that need to be high-profile

This ‘Board Assurance System’ is said to be designed to constitute a “proactive approach that gives the Executive Team the assurance that management targets they have set will be achieved and that the risk of non-achievement is routinely and proactively highlighted so that remedial and supportive action can be taken before it’s too late”.

Especially in the context of broad ‘contextual’ factors and important things to consider when implementing change (see Chapter 22 of the textbook, in particular), can you think of some of the non-technical issues that would need to be taken into account before implementing this kind of “solution” in an NHS business?


Source: “Solutions” web pages for the Bellis-Jones Hill Group (Consultancy):